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Tips from the Pros

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Kitchens & Baths LLC in Kenosha also offers our clients tips from the pros on a regular basis. We frequently update this page with new information as we get in new products, begin using new technology, or are informed of new industry techniques. Read our current tips below, and check back soon for additional product care tips from our professional interior remodeling company in Kenosha.

Waypoint Living Spaces offers a Consumer Lifetime Limited Warranty on all of their products, which include cabinetry and accessories made from natural wood that vary in texture, color, and wood grain. The warranty explains changes to the wood are natural over time versus what is cause for concern, and substances that may shorten the lifespan of the cabinets such as smoke, exposure to excessive sunlight, and residue from certain household cleaners. It also talks about which defects the warranty does cover. For a complete guide on how to maintain your Waypoint Living Spaces cabinetry installed by Kitchens & Baths LLC while ensuring the warranty stays valid, click here to read it in full.

We also install products from Swanstone, which also have a limited warranty policy to protect your sinks, vanities, shower floors, wainscoting, and more. There are 25, 10, 5, and 1 year warranty options available. Find out how you can get the most use out of the Swanstone products we installed and ensure the warranty stays valid by reading it in full here.